Elmo and Friends Sing-A-Long Personalized CD

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Personalized Music CD
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1. Enter child's name    2. Click on phonetic pronounciation    3. Click on each CD!

Listen for the correct pronunciation--the spelling of the name (for CD label) can be edited.


SING ALONG WITH ELMO AND SESAME STREET FRIENDS--Hear Elmo and his friends on Sesame Street sing and speak to your child over 60 times throughout this one of a kind CD. It will be an instant hit that they will listen to over and over. Watch their face light up as they hear their name sung and spoken by Elmo and the rest of the original Sesame Street cast. It will be an experience to remember! 

Now with your purchase of some of our CDs, you can request a BONUS digital copy with your purchase that can be used in any digital device...ipads, ipods, smartphones, tablets, computers, and thumb drives.  Just complete your order and type SEND ME DIGITALS in the order notes.

Track Listing
1. Glad You're Here
2. Sesame Street Theme Song
3. Sing and Dance
4. Tingalayo
5. Do What Elmo Says
6. Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay
7. Enough Restin
8. Sarasponda
9. Very Silly Word
11. You're Very Smart
12. Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5
13. Elmo Has an Idea
14. Readers of the Open Range
15. Dancing Shoes
16. Happy Tappin with Elmo
17. Our Own Party
18. Splish Splash
19. All Cleaned Up
20. One Fine Face
21. Singing with You
22. Elmo's World
23. Elmo Says He Loves You