Website Security

You can order with confidence, our checkout process is secure.

Depending on your browser, you might see a "Not Secure" message. This is only a general notice appearing on any page not using an SSL certificate. It is NOT because anything malicious appears in our website or code. Our website is safe. When you place an order on our website, the final step for payment information will either be encrypted by Paypal, or on our website with a URL beginning with HTTPS if paying by credit card. HTTPS signifies the page is encrypted with an SSL.

Website Security

Until recently most websites either didn’t use an SSL, or only used them on the checkout process, as they are expensive and there is no need for data encryption on information pages.

However, we’re aware of the confusion this message can cause to those unfamiliar with SSL certificates, specifically when they’re needed and what they actually do. Because of this, our website developers will be updating our website platform to use an SSL on every page.

To reiterate… your checkout experience on our website already has the same level of security now as it will after this update. We're only doing this update to the rest of our pages to prevent customer confusion. You are not at any risk placing an order on our website today!

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